Fire Damage Restoration Company in Tampa, Florida

The challenges of fire damage restoration and cleanup are many and varied. Having a professional restoration company on your side to complete fire restoration and smoke damage cleanup is crucial to getting your property back to pre-loss condition or better.

Emergency fire damage restoration is available to homes and businesses in Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Plant City, and the surrounding communities in Florida.

If fire strikes your home or business, it’s scary and understandably difficult to manage and process emotions and the amount of destruction. There are many variables involved with fire damage restoration that you may not have considered. With fire damage, comes smoke damage, water damage and possible mold remediation. Depending on the professionals may not only be necessary, but comforting during a difficult time. Big Wave Restoration understands how a fire’s swift devastation can affect your family and employees. We’re committed to completing your fire damage restoration and cleanup in the most effective and efficient manner to return you back to what’s important.


It is critical to act fast when dealing with fire damage. The level of severity for the cleanup is mostly determined by the type and temperature of the fire. Then, once the flames have been extinguished, mitigating smoke and water damage becomes crucial. Smoke and soot are highly acidic and can eat through most materials, including metal, glass, plastic, vinyl and fabric. Invisible and tiny, smoke particles are able to settle into the smallest cracks and crevices, leaving behind its distinct odor. Soot also has the potential to cause lasting damage to health and possessions if not handled properly. Most items are able to be salvaged from fire damage, but the longer that smoke is able to sit on items and surfaces, the more challenging it can become to remove. Smoke damage can begin having effects within hours or days and mold only requires 24-48 hours for new growth. Both smoke and mold can present health risks if left unaddressed and deteriorate structural material as well.



While each fire damage restoration is unique, we will typically follow a general process to restore order back to your home or business after a fire.

Once we arrive at your property, we will conduct a thorough assessment of the damage to make an actionable plan. We will begin to ventilate the area to remove as much smoke and humidity as possible to reduce smoke and mold growth. We will also mitigate any excess water to encourage drying. Most importantly, we will secure the property to prevent further structural damage or potential theft. Water can weaken structural elements creating potential hazards and we will ensure that the area is safe for everyone before beginning the remediation.

Once the building has been secured, interior contents will be sorted according to their salvageability. Realistic decisions will need to be made to determine what can and cannot be saved as badly contaminated contents can cause further harm if kept in the area. Items that
are salvageable will be deep cleaned and sanitized for use again. We will then use our specialized equipment to clean ceilings, floors and walls. Smoke is able to penetrate much more than the eye can see and requires specific methods and cleaners to be completely removed.

Soot and mildew can easily penetrate porous materials like marble and stone and soft upholstery like carpet must be sanitized after being cleaned to remove stains and odors. Structures will be rebuilt and equipment will be reinstalled for use again. Walls, ceilings and flooring may need to be repaired or installed. Air quality will also be examined to ensure the health of your family and employees are not compromised upon return.

Fire damage is complex and can be an incredible emotional and financial burden. Trust in the experts at Big Wave Restoration to guide you through this process and ensure that you return to pre-loss conditions or better. Our experienced professionals know that you want to return back to normal and will work quickly and comprehensively to complete your fire restoration.