Emergency Board Up Services in Tampa, Florida

No matter whether a storm is coming, an accident has occurred, or your home or business has been vandalized, Big Wave Restoration is on call for 24 7 emergency board up services to protect your property and its contents.

Protect your residential or commercial business property investment with emergency board up services in Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Plant City, and the surrounding communities in Florida.

Whether at home or business, there are certain circumstances that can present the need for emergency board up services. Sometimes the need is proactive, such as when a storm is approaching and sometimes the need is reactive due to a vehicle accidentally striking the facade. Storms, fires, vandalism and accidents can compromise a building’s structure, leaving it vulnerable to further damage from natural elements like rain or theft, especially during or before a restoration. Walls, doors, windows and roofs can leave a structure exposed and in need of protection. Big Wave Restoration is on call and ready to protect your investment when the need arises. Our experienced professionals are able to uniquely assess your situation to offer the best solutions to safeguard your property.

When faced with an abrupt emergency, many are unfamiliar with the infrequent process and it can be confusing to sort out what the next steps are. Homes and businesses can experience the effects of a fire or storm, causing the structure to become compromised, vehicles can accidentally crash into the building, crime scenes may need to be preserved or vandals may break windows or doors to enter the property. Emergency board up services are meant to prevent further damage and keep additional thieves away while arrangements are made for replacement or restoration. Many insurance companies may require board up services after a storm to comply with coverage provisions.

When You May Need Emergency Board Up Services:

  • Fire Damage
  • Storm Damage
  • Water Damage
  • Vehicle Impact
  • Crime Scenes
  • Vandalism
  • Storefront Window Damage
  • Approach of Severe Weather Conditions



While each emergency board up is unique, we will typically follow a general process to secure your home or business.

Depending on the circumstance, there may be a variety of needs to stabilize a building. Walls, doors or windows that are missing may need to be sealed and covered or temporary walls or entrances may need to be constructed for business or privacy purposes. Once we
arrive, we will assess the situation and create a strategic plan.

The area may need to be cleared prior to a new board up. We will collect and properly dispose of any glass or debris to return the affected area back to safety.

In the event of a coming storm, windows and doors can be easily broken or crushed leaving the interior exposed. Wind, water and debris that enter because of this can worsen the situation. We will board up all vulnerable points of entry to help prevent damage to your home or business.

We will coordinate board removal once you’re ready to ensure a smooth transition for repairs.

While sudden and unforeseen events can cause stress and interruptions, board up services can temporarily restore stability during a chaotic time. Big Wave Restoration can respond quickly when you need security after an unexpected disaster. Our experts are able to help safeguard your home or business and minimize further damage or loss to ensure you and your property are protected.