6 Ways To Remove Smoke Smell After Fire Damage

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Experiencing a fire in your home is a devastating event that disrupts everything. After you ascertain that all the people and pets are safe, it is time to assess all of the fire damage and smoke damage. Unfortunately, smoke damage is one of the worst parts of the fire, and it doesn’t go away when the flames go out. There are many things you can do though to facilitate the smoke smell removal from house. If those methods do not work to your satisfaction, hiring a fire damage restoration and cleanup company will get your house back to normal.

Air Out the House

Your first instinct after a fire has been mitigated is probably right: to air out the house. This is a powerful first step in getting rid of lingering smoke damage, and you should keep the entire house opened as long as time and weather permits. Smoke smell removal from house will benefit from wide open windows and doors.

Use Positive Pressure

After you air out the house, use positive pressure to further the process of getting rid of the smoke smell. Positive pressure means the air outside the house is greater than inside, so the smoke-filled air will leave. Follow the following steps:

  • Close every door and window in your house.
  • Open the front door.
  • Place a fan at the front door, blowing air in.
  • Put the fan on the highest setting for 15 minutes.
  • Close that door and move to the next room.
  • Repeat the fan procedure throughout the house.

As the pressure rises in the house, the smoke smell removal from house will begin.

Wash all Fabrics 

The smell of smoke and smoke damage lingers in fabrics. Even if you didn’t experience fire damage in your home, the amount of smoke left behind can be immense. Anything that can be thrown in the washing machine should be done. This includes bedding, curtains, throw pillow covers, and clothes. This will be a good step in eradicating the smoke damage from your home.

Use Baking Soda on Carpets and Furniture 

Baking soda neutralizes the smell of smoke, and is safe and easy to use. Sprinkle baking soda liberally on your carpets and couches and let it sit overnight. When you vacuum it up the next day, you should be on your way to a fresher smelling house.

Clean all Hard Surfaces with Vinegar

Vinegar is an excellent cleaning agent and can get rid of smoke damage’s lingering effects. Use a quarter cup of white vinegar, a gallon of water, and a teaspoon of dish soap. Scour all counters, tables, walls, and hard floors with this mixture, as smoke can infiltrate where you least expect it.

Call a Professional

When all else fails, call a professional for fire damage restoration and cleanup. They have the appropriate equipment and knowledge required to mitigate the smoke damage and make your house livable again. Though many fires can be prevented, not all are preventable and if your home or business needs restoration services, choosing a restoration company with fire damage expertise is usually the best and safest option.

The 6 ways to remove smoke smell after fire damage will help restore your house to pre-fire conditions. Along with the mental strain of surviving the fire, there are many tedious jobs to do for fire damage restoration and cleanup. Although you may be able to tackle some of the fire damage and smoke damage yourself, contact a professional when the situation is difficult. The smoke smell removal from house can be tedious, especially if your furniture or belongings are fragile. The faster you try to eradicate the smoke smell, the better off you will be in the long run.

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