How To Prepare For A Flood

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Any kind of water damage, especially flooding can be incredibly stressful and unnerving. Water moves so fast and has the ability to deteriorate virtually any material. No one is completely exempt from the event of flooding and would be frivolous to pay no mind to the potential risk. There are a few different occasions for flooding to occur. The most common kinds are from natural storms, basements and water mains. Each is treated slightly different in terms of prevention and remediation.

Natural Storms

Floods can be a possibility in every state in the U.S. and should not be ignored, even if your property is in a low risk area. Low risk areas actually account for a quarter of all claims according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). An awareness and certain preparedness should be considered by all and precautions should be taken especially if you are in a higher risk location. It is advised to at least be aware of the flood risk for your property. This can affect things such as the value of your home and insurance costs. Leaky plumbing can be fixed by replacing old or corroded parts such as washers and O-rings.

Basements & Water Mains

Most basement flooding culprits arise from leaky windows or plumbing or foundation that is not insulated correctly. Any weak points or cracks in the foundation should be repaired. Additional or replacement insulation may need to be installed to prevent future issues. Windows should be well sealed and the correct grade should be used. If necessary, new windows should be installed. If a city’s water line breaks, it is usually out of the control of the property owner. This is most often because of a break.

How To Prepare

One of the main things you should consider is flood insurance. Insurance doesn’t always cover every flood so it is a good idea to know what is in included in your policy.

An emergency pack is another essential. Emergency supplies such as a flash light, water, food, blankets, a first aid kit, and a radio can be vital in an emergency. If food is left inside the bag, be sure to replace old foods as time progresses to avoid eating out dated food. It is also best to purchase foods that don’t require refrigeration.

You may consider installing a sump pump if you do not have one already. They draw excess water away from the property and should be checked annually for optimal performance.

Reflux valves can also be very helpful. These special one way valves only allow water to flow one direction so that it cannot travel back up through your drains.

Once flood waters have receded, it is important and wise to trust in the professionals to restore your home or business back to pre-loss conditions. There are many intricacies involved with any kind of water damage, especially flood waters, which can be contaminated with bacteria or other harmful impurities. Professionals possess the knowledge, experience and equipment to ensure a job done well and right.

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