What Factors Affect Water Damage Repair Costs?

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In addition to the havoc and frustration that comes with enduring water damage, will also likely come the disappointing thought of how much the cost will be. Water is damaging to any home or business property, especially if it seeps into other surfaces. If not repaired early on, water damage can lead to costly repairs and replacements. Finding the source of the water damage is one problem and correcting the damage it produced is the other. Assessing water damage can also be deceitfully difficult to estimate because it seeps into surfaces and deeper into materials, providing a wide range of costs with many different things affecting the overall total of a water damage restoration.

The Affected Area

Generally, the larger the affected area, the more costly it will be to repair. Compared to a smaller amount of square footage, it undoubtedly takes more time, materials and workers to restore a water damaged property. However, it can also depend on what the affected area is comprised of. Sometimes a smaller area can end up being more expensive than a larger one. If flooring needs to be completely removed or replaced, or there are more intricate details within the affected area, it can be cause for a higher cost.

The Presence Of Water

Depending on the severity of water damage, there may still be excess water that needs to be extracted. This affects cost because it will require more equipment, time and effort to mitigate. Water pumps and dehumidifiers are usually necessary to accomplish this and not as readily available to the average person outside of the trade. If water has seeped into non-porous materials and excess moisture needs to be removed, this can also add to the cost.

Mold Presence

Water and mold tend to go together since mold requires a water source to thrive. So, unfortunately, where there is water damage, there will be the high possibility for mold damage. Mold is not only a detriment to the health of those who inhabit the property but can also deteriorate and weaken building structure. It doesn’t take long for mold to grow either, only requiring 24-48 hours for new growth. This makes it even more important to contract a professional water damage restoration company that is not only experienced in the water damage aspect but also able to assist with mold.

Regardless of how costly or how much water damage you may have incurred in your home or business, it is worthwhile to consider trusting in water damage restoration professionals to handle the job. Not only will you be in experienced hands that specialize in this event, but your time will be freed up to handle all of the many other things that can come with water damage that will need your attention.

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